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Sony TV Repair in Doylestown PA

Need a Sony TV repair in Doylestown PA? We can help, but there are a few things you might want to check yourself first. We’d love to have your business, but we want to be sure you really need us.

One of the great things about Sony TV’s is that they are easy to operate and you can do some diagnosis and minor repairs yourself. If you try some of the following and are not successful, we are ready to complete your Sony TV repair in your Doylestown home or in our shop.

Sound Problems
If you are having problems with no sound, check the following: Make sure that the volume is turned up on both the TV and on any cable or satellite box, and check that the mute feature has not been activated. Also ensure that you don’t have any headset or adapter plugged into the headset jack.

Make sure that the Multichannel Television Sound (MTS) is set to “Stereo” or “Main”. You can use the remote control “Display” feature and scroll through until you find the “MTS” settings.

Video Problems
If you are having picture quality problems, first see if any other TV’s in the house are experiencing the same problem. If they are, the problem is with the signal source, not the TV.

Try turning off any electric or electronic equipment that may be nearby, such as vacuum cleaners, fans, radios and microwaves. Even fluorescent lights can cause electrical noise.

Check that all cable connections are secure and make sure that the TV is set to the same channel that is selected on your cable or satellite box. This is usually channel 3 or 4. The TV channel may have accidently been changed.

Call Mort’s TV Repair
If everything seems to be as it should, then it’s time to call Mort’s TV Repair at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us Online today. Don’t try to open your TV; there’s a real danger of serious electric shock for the untrained. We can either take care of your Sony TV repair in your Doylestown home, or you can bring it to our shop.

Most Common Vintage Audio Repairs

Audiophiles love their setups. And when it’s not working, they’ll do whatever is necessary to get it working right.

For many, that means finding someone – like Mort’s TV & Repair – who specializes in vintage audio repairs. We love to repair vintage audio equipment, but there are some devices we repair more frequently than others. Here are the most common pieces of vintage audio equipment we repair:


The turntable is, in many ways, the heart of any setup. And when it doesn’t work, the system just seems to fall apart. We’ve repaired non-working arms, turntables that won’t turn on, sound output issues and more.


Classic tube amplifiers offer a sound and experience modern systems just don’t have. We’ve replaced vacuum tubes; fixed input and output issues; problems with the unit operating; and more. Tube amplifiers are beloved by those who own them, and should be always be working at their absolute best. And we can make sure that’s the case.


No system will work right without a receiver. We’ve fixed vintage receivers that have suffered from a number of different problems, including input/output issues, problems turning on or off, and many more.

Don’t let your vintage audio system continue to break down; let Mort’s TV & Audio of Levittown repair the problem. Give us a call now at 215-945-8381 or Fill Out Our Contact Form.

Plasma TV Repair in Bensalem PA

The Walking Dead, Dancing With the Stars, NCIS, The X Factor, How I Met Your Mother and Glee. There’s something every night of the week and next week’s episode promises to be better than the last. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows because of a broken TV! If your plasma TV is not functioning properly, you may be looking to get it repaired. Mort’s TV & Video, Inc. specializes in LCD, Plasma, DLP and standard television repair. So, we recommend you let us take a look at it. In some rare cases, though, it will be more appropriate to replace the unit. Have our skilled team of local Bensalem TV repair experts look at it before you haul it to the dump..

What is a Plasma TV?

You probably look at the plasma TV on your wall every day, but do you know how it works? Plasma TVs utilize miniscule tubes, in groups, to hold the gases necessary to make up the pixels. These pixels are held together between two plates. When the television is turned on, the plates are electrified, causing the plasma to glow. You can see the same type of activity in a neon sign. The rest of the process is similar to any other TV. Information is carried to your television throughout your cable, antenna or satellite dish connection. This information is then interpreted by your TV set and displayed as pictures. Plasma TVs are known for their incredibly sharp picture quality.


If your plasma TV isn’t working quite like it used to, it could be due to a number of reasons. It is possible that your television set can be repaired, so let our team of Bensalem TV repair technicians look at it. With all the technology involved with a plasma TV, DIY home repairs are rarely successful. It takes a trained technician to really resolve your plasma TV woes.

Need your TV repaired? Call us today at 215-945-8381.

TV Repairs: 4 Common Concerns

Nothing lasts forever, and this extends to television sets. You’re probably well aware that the time will come, one day, when you will have to replace or repair your set. Replacing your television set is now as commonplace as buying a piece of clothing, thanks to electronics now being produced at a rapid, inexpensive rate.

Your television set is a part of your life. When the TV doesn’t work like it should, it can be hassle. Whether it’s the television set in your Levittown home or office in Doylestown, TV repairs or TV replacement have probably crossed your mind when the set is malfunctioning. Before you decided to give up your set completely, look into the following:

  • Check for dust in the television. You can use a vacuum cleaner hose and run it over the venting on the back/top of the set. Once you have removed any dust, keep your TV as dust-free as possible.
  • Is your television picture snowy? This perhaps one of the most frustrating things to deal with – as both a viewer or as a repairman. This is often caused by the television screen being magnetized and the de-magnetizer in the television isn’t working. Begin by removing any items that may be magnetic-stereo speakers, electric motors-away from the television set. Then buy a de-magnetizing (or de-gaussing) coil at any electronics store. Using the coil, start in the upper corner of the television set and working in small circles, travel across the entire screen. When you reach the bottom of the screen, your television set should be fully de-magnetized and the picture restored.
  • If you have cable, then your TV is likely connected by via coaxial cable and copper cables to the cable provider. Occasionally, the cable can become loose-which is why fiddling with them can produce a better picture, for a time. To correct this problem, you may need to replace the fitting, which is the metal part of the cable that connects to the television or you may need to replace the actual cable. These items are also available at any electronics store. If you do this, it is vital that you turn off the television set before you begin!
  • If you are still using an antenna, and you are getting a fuzzy picture, it may be time to replace the antenna. These are still available at the electronics stores, just be sure to purchase the type of antenna designed specifically for your television set. Install according to directions, being sure to turn off the power supply first!

Did you try all these methods, and your TV still isn’t working properly? Give Mort’s TV & Audio a call now at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us Today!


Vintage Audio Repair

We, at Mort’s TV and Video, know how much you love your vintage audio equipment. We know it would be a shame to have to throw it away because it wasn’t operating properly. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that possibility anymore. We have experienced vintage audio repair technicians happy to help you repair your equipment. If you have vintage audio equipment that has sat around for years in a state of disrepair, now is the time to have it repaired.

Vintage amplifiers have often lived a hard life. The more loved they were, the more they were used. This means the amplifier may not sound quite the way is used to. Our skilled vintage audio repair technicians are able to fix most problems you are experiencing with your vintage amplifier. Amplifiers utilize a lot of power to perform at maximum efficiently, thus creating more heat. This heat tends to degrade the amplifier over time. It may not be necessary to perform extreme maintenance on your equipment, so have it checked out today.

Nothing sounds quite like a vintage turntable playing tunes. It would be a shame to get rid of it if it hasn’t been working. Instead, let our vintage audio repair experts look at your turntables. If your turntables are turning slowly, or not at all, we can try to fix it. The professionals at Mort’s TV and Audio are experienced in this type of repair and are happy to bring your vintage turntables back to life.

Some vintage speakers can still outperform the speakers created today. There is no need to buy new ones, when you can just get your speakers repaired. We are able to refoam, recone and generally improve the conditions of your speakers. If you need a vintage audio repair completed on your speakers, we can help. If your speakers just don’t sound the way they used to, then we can help you repair them to their optimum performance level.

If you need your vintage audio equipment repaired, call us today at 215-945-8381.