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Vintage Receivers: Should You Repair?

Do you own a vintage receiver that has been acting up recently? Chances are, if you own a vintage receiver, you enjoy listening to music at a quality that just can’t be matched with current models. It can be devastating when your vintage receiver in Pennsylvania stops working like it used to, and some may be tempted to replace it with a newer model to avoid the hassle. However, here at Mort’s TV & Video, we believe that your first step after realizing there is an issue with your vintage receiver should always be to come to us for repairs!

vintage receivers pennsylvania

As experts in vintage audio repair, we can give you more details on what the issue may be and provide you with a ballpark price for repairs. If those repairs are out of your price range, then don’t simply hang up your vintage audio days – instead allow us to help you find the perfect replacement! In addition to repairs, we also buy and sell vintage audio equipment.

There’s a reason that vintage receivers go quickly at estate sales and can be difficult to find more widely in good working condition, and that’s because modern models simply cannot compare to the quality and lifespan of vintage audio! Most vintage audio was created with the intent to last. Modern audio, on the other hand, is typically outsourced and made cheaply to ensure the highest profits for the company selling. This new system of profits over quality does not allow for the caliber that many audiophiles expect from their audio systems.

Back when the vintage receivers we all love were made, manufacturers were using more heavy-duty power transformers and capacitors – components meant to last. These products also weighed significantly more, making the modern age shift towards more cheaply made pieces that are lighter and easier to ship.

However, the convenience of modern audio is no match for the quality of sound and system that many have come to expect from vintage receivers. While vintage audio may be harder to find and more difficult to ship, we promise that the sound quality and the lifespan of these pieces makes them worth the effort.

Finally, no modern audio can compare to the cosmetic appeal of vintage receivers. A vintage receiver can bring a room together as a focal piece, rather than distract from your aesthetic as modern audio equipment would.

Are you convinced that it’s time to take a look at repairing your vintage receiver in Pennsylvania or to replace it with another vintage model? Stop by Mort’s TV today! You can also call us at 215-945-8381 or contact us!

A Guide to Buying Vintage Turntables

Buying a vintage turntable can be an intimidating endeavor for some. If you aren’t sure where to buy one, you may be tempted to buy from a seller that may not be reputable due to price or ease of finding. That’s why we’ve thrown together this guide on buying vintage turntables near Bensalem!

Is buying a vintage turntable worth it?

There’s not a simple answer to this, as it really boils down to what you need a turntable for. If you just want a piece of equipment to play records every now and then, then there’s no harm in buying a newer option. However, there are three main advantages to buying a vintage turntable over its newer counterpart:

  1. They can often be found at a cheaper price than a new and equivalent option.
  2. Products for consumers were built with better quality in the 1970s and 1980s, meaning your vintage turntable may be better quality than its new counterpart.
  3. Vintage turntables come with a certain elegant aesthetic that isn’t commonly available in newer turntables.

If any of these three advantages stick out to you as something you want, then it’s worth it to buy vintage!

vintage audio for sale

Where can I buy a vintage turntable?

While you can find some on Facebook Marketplace, our recommendation is to choose a trusted shop that not only sells vintage audio but repairs it as well. That way you know that you are purchasing equipment that works and have a good relationship with someone who can repair them as well! Here at Mort’s TV, we buy, sell and repair vintage turntables, so we have the experience and knowledge that you should look for when choosing where to buy your new vintage audio.

What should I check when buying a vintage turntable?

When buying a vintage turntable, there are some things that you should check for – especially if you aren’t buying from a reputable and trusted seller. First, always have a test record so you can check if the turntable works before bringing it home. This can save you from buying a piece of vintage audio equipment that will ultimately become a paperweight due to it not working. For this – don’t choose your favorite, most expensive record. Instead pick something that is relatively inexpensive in case it is damaged during the sound test.

Second, visually inspect it. Look for any signs of damage, wear or tear. If you notice anything that looks off, consider talking to someone with more expertise in vintage turntables to get their opinion before buying.

Third, ask questions! Learn about any required maintenance and when maintenance was last performed. If there’s regular performative maintenance that must be done to keep your new vintage turntable working, make sure that it’s been done within an appropriate timeframe.

Finally, complete the sound test! Make sure that the audio sounds right and that there’s no distortion. During this, test different speed settings and pitch tune knobs to ensure that everything is inworking condition.

What if my vintage turntable stops working?

While some may trash their vintage turntables if they stop working, that’s not the best response. If your vintage turntable stops working, the best choice is to bring it to Mort’s TV! We have experience repairing vintage turntables of all kinds and are a trusted shop for repairing vintage audio pieces!

What should I do if I no longer want my vintage turntable?

If you already have a vintage turntable and you have decided to either upgrade to a different model or that a vintage turntable doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore, you call always sell it! Here at Mort’s TV, we don’t just sell vintage turntables, but we buy them too!

When you are ready to buy, sell or repair a vintage turntable near Bensalem, the choice is clear. Stop by Mort’s TV today! You can also call us at 215-945-8381 or contact us!

Give the Gift of Vintage Audio

Looking for a unique gift for that audiophile in your life? Whether you’re looking for a turntable so Mom or Dad can bust out their old vinyl or you want to give the gift of great sound to a younger music enthusiast; vintage audio is a meaningful gift for all ages. From simple and affordable systems or accessories to beautiful, tube-driven stereos, great sounding vintage gear is something lasting that can bring joy for decades. 

Vintage audio for sale newtown

Not sure where to start? We have a few suggestions to get you inspired. We are the area experts in vintage sound and have a wide variety of vintage audio for sale near Newtown so when you want to find a cool gift for an audio enthusiast, or if you’re just trying to get something cool for yourself, stop by!

For people that just can’t get enough of that warm vintage sound, vintage audio is a must! Start with an amplifier, a pair of speakers and a source/receiver. A good turntable is the most important choice for a vinyl system.

Why vintage audio? Some modern stereo equipment is now available that replicates vintage systems. However, true vintage audio systems will always sound better. Sound quality is not the main selling point for newer systems. Newer audio equipment entices buyers with wireless capabilities, newer connections and less cost, but you will lose out in the quality of sound. Repairing and maintaining your existing equipment will be the best option if you want the most superior sound. Vintage audio equipment is also made with a much higher level of quality than modern replicas.

Vintage audio for sale has seen a huge rise in popularity as listeners are seeking out the audio systems their vintage records were intended to be played upon. Some of the very best brands in vintage audio for sale include:

  • Fisher
  • Marantz
  • Pioneer
  • Yamaha
  • Sansui
  • Sony
  • Kenwood
  • Onkyo
  • Denon
  • Philips
  • and more!

We love vintage audio! Not only was this equipment well built, but this equipment was designed to be serviceable. Whichever brand or type of system you choose, buying a well restored vintage audio component, or even a complete system from a trusted source like Mort’s will lead to many years of enjoyment, and quite possibly outlasting present day counterparts. 

So give the gift of great sound with vintage from Mort’s TV & Video! Are you interested in learning more about vintage audio for sale near Newtown? Call Mort’s TV & Video at 215-945-8381, or you can Contact Us.

The Art of Buying & Selling Used Stereo Equipment

Whether you are a dedicated audiophile or just want to play everyone’s favorite tunes at your next get together, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Mort’s TV & Video. We carry the very best in used and vintage audio equipment to add to your collection and even buy used stereo equipment as well. We’ve been one of the leaders in used stereo equipment for Wilmington DE and the entire Tri-State area for more than 50 years, offering a diverse selection of pre-owned and brand new equipment by some of today’s best brands. With great prices on everything from Pioneer receivers to Fisher speakers and everything in between, we are your go-to spot for used stereo equipment. And, our used audio experts are here to help you find the equipment you want at a great price. Not only can you get your audio equipment fixed at our store, but you can also find used stereo equipment to take home with you in order to replace the unfixable or to enhance your at home system. We can help you master the art of buying and/or selling used stereo equipment so you feel you have the best equipment for your needs.

used stereo equipment wilmington de

Why buy used stereo equipment? One of the most compelling reasons for buying used is an obvious one’ to save money. If you’re trying to put together a world-class stereo setup on a limited budget, you can start by visiting us here at Mort’s TV & Video. You’ll have more freedom to add new components over time, as well as customizing and refining as your tastes and technology change.

We will also pay top dollar for your used stereo equipment. If you have some high-quality stereo gear you are no longer using, bring it into our experts and consider selling it to our store. Not only can you use this money to put towards a new purchase, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing a piece of equipment that has served you well in the past will not end up in a dumpster.

An important consideration in buying used stereo equipment is to look for the brands you know and trust, but be open to suggestion. Sometimes classic audio components from highly rated manufacturer can be had for surprisingly great prices. And, they often sound better and are better made than new components from lesser manufacturers.

Ready to find the used stereo equipment you’ve been looking for? We can help with stereos, turntables, speakers, equalizers, amplifiers and much more! Whatever your used stereo equipment needs, we are the company who can provide it.

To learn more about the used stereo equipment we buy and sell driving distance from Wilmington DE, give Mort’s TV & Video a call at 215-945-8381. Or, stop in at 4532 New Falls Road in Levittown, PA. Contact Us for more information.

The Big Comeback of Vinyl & Classic Audio Equipment

Vinyl is back! Recent years has seen a huge comeback in analog sound including vintage vinyl, turntables, receivers and speakers. Both young and older music lovers alike are finding or rediscovering vinyl and vintage audio equipment along with it. Typically solid-metal constructed, wood-framed electronics are also making a comeback, offering authentic ways to listen to the music loved by generations. These vintage audio systems look and sound different from today’s digital machines and they also require a different level of care and maintenance. At Mort’s TV & Video we offer vintage audio for sale in Wilmington DE and the entire Tri-State area, specializing in both vintage audio repair and vintage audio equipment for sale. As both experts in and lovers of vintage audio, we would like to tell you more about it, why it’s seeing such a huge comeback and how to purchase and/or care for vintage audio equipment. 

vintage audio for sale wilmington

First of all, we understand there’s nothing quite like the warmth of the vinyl sound; that crackle that comes when you place that large disc on a record player. Vinyl not only sounds different but also has a possessive quality that downloads can’t provide. With vinyl, you now have the ability to collect and display your favorite albums; making it hugely popular these days.

With this resurgence of vinyl listeners, many people are bringing back the listening station in their home, complete with turntable/record player, receiver, speakers, amplifiers and a comfortable chair just for listening to their favorite tunes. Vintage audio for sale has seen a huge rise in popularity as listeners are seeking out the audio systems their vintage records were intended to be played upon. And, after more than a decade of increasing American sales, vinyl’s comeback is no longer a niche novelty; it appears this comeback is here to stay. 

Need a vintage turntable refurbished or repaired? Have an old set of speakers that need some work? Vintage audio experts like those at Mort’s are here to help! We even have vintage audio for sale to meet the needs of your growing record collection.

Whether you’ve been building your vinyl collection for some time or are just getting started, make sure you have the proper equipment to play it on. Come see all of our vintage audio for sale, a short drive from Wilmington DE at Mort’s TV & Video in Levittown PA. Shop online or call to get info on what they have at 215-945-8381. Contact Us today!