Customer Testimonials

Exactly what I was looking for. Very fair priced components, tested for me before purchasing.

– Mitchell M.

Highly recommend. Mort’s repaired my 30-year-old B&K amp and pre-amp a few months back and they’re working like new. Fantastic service. They actually replaced all the dodgy connectors in the back of the Pro-5 pre amp, which was no easy feat, at a super reasonable price. Next up is the Mac 1700 I’m planning to bring in.

– Matt D.

First time needing audio equipment to be repaired. Brought in my mom’s 1987 Sound Design stereo system (dual cassette deck + turntable). Within days of giving me a quote (which was a lot less than I expected to pay) they had it fixed and working like brand new! Super happy with the service and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of repairs.

– Shelby N.

I came in as a first time customer new to the world of vintage audio with a lot of questions. The owner is a wealth of knowledge and was very friendly and helped me find the right stereo receiver for me and also helped me match it with a great set of vintage speakers. The owner answered all my questions and didn’t rush me while I was making a final decision on what unit to purchase. He also gave me some helpful tips on setting up my new system and even brought me in the back of the store to demonstrate that everything worked appropriately on the stereo I ultimately purchased. This is a great neighborhood shop that’s been in business in the area for decades and it’s easy to see why. I went here on the recommendation of a family member and received excellent service and am now a loyal customer! Thanks again!

– Robert S.

What an amazing company and an amazing family. It wasn’t until I met them today in person that I realized how special these people are. Talk about talented and personable people. I brought a Marantz receiver in and I paid a lot of money for it and it was not as advertised. This was the highly touted monster receiver and evidently it was a complete nightmare to work on. Everything was messed up on this receiver when I got it, things were out of balance, tape monitors didn’t work, auxiliary didn’t work, nothing worked as advertised, and it sounded horrible. I sent it to Mort’s and I just left it there after talking to them, and I knew that they were doing me a huge favor. What a surprise when I hooked it up today with a beautiful set of one owner Klipsch Heresy IV speakers that I bought at Mort’s also. Talk about magic?! Just amazing, my hats off to this wonderful company and I thank you so much for bringing that receiver back to life. To say it sounds very good is an understatement, it rivals my Pioneer SX1980, and is just as enjoyable as anything I’ve ever heard at low and medium volumes. But you know the monster receivers got some guts and this thing can shake the house. Thanks again, and I will be enjoying this for a long time to come.

– John N.

Excellent service at good prices. Mort’s has repaired multiple vintage professional VHS tape decks, audio decks, and my favorite plasma tv. Very friendly staff that really know their stuff. Not easy to find a local place to repair/sell this kind of equipment.

– Kristen B.

Fantastic people and service. Very knowledgeable and explained everything that was done. Went over and above what I expected. Had a vintage SAE Equalizer serviced. Now works great, reasonable service time and fair price. Highly recommend for any vintage stereo restoration.

– Brian S.

These guys are masters of their craft and they can fix anything, it seems. I’ve taken everything from old 70s Pioneer receivers to my Akai 8-track player and they restored them to factory specs. If you want your electronics worked on by guys who know what they are doing and charge a fair price for their expertise, look no further. They also sell refurbished TVs and stereos and quality VHS and DVD players. I love these guys!

– Sam H.

They are the most technically knowledgeable group of folks I have ever met in the AV space. They have all the high-end audiofile equipment and will gladly help you with out being snobs about it like you have with your typical experiences.

– Rob J.

For the 1st time in 42 years I had to repair my Thorens turntable. When I walked into Mor’ts vintage repair shop I was brought back to 1970. I didn’t realize the quality of sound that the table had lost until I re-installed it into my system. What a great job by all the staff. A special thanks to the woman at the front desk. I consider myself an audiophile and really nice to see that I am not the only one. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I walked into their store. 

– John L.

Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, courteous and honest. Great people.

– James G.

In an age of mindless digital consumption, Mort’s is a treasure—an invaluable refuge for those of us who cannot live without analog. After a quick trip to Mort’s, my receiver looks and sounds brand, spanking new. Simply put, if you need to service vintage audio equipment, go to Mort’s. Further, if you just appreciate vintage audio equipment, go there for a visit. It’s a museum of awesomeness, that of course, you can also shop at. Mort’s—thank you for restoring order to my home, and to my ears!

– Jacob T.

True electronic experts for vintage unit repairs.

– Paul M.

I have had two vintage audio units repaired and reconditioned at Mort’s and I would recommend them to anyone that has older gear that needs a bit of love. Most recently I had my Marantz 6300 Phono in for some TLC and the owners took great care of it. Repairs were timely (around 5 weeks, given the backlog they have and the rarity of these kinds of services, this was great) and well within what I wanted to spend.

– Michael M.

Amazingly friendly staff! 100% will be back! Thank you Morts!

– Michael S.

Excellent Hi-Fi stereo equipment to buy and provide great repairs!

– Eugene A.

Knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and honest. And great customer service. The shop also sells an amazing range of vintage audio gear, it’s worth the trip just to see it.

– Lee G.

Awesome service and employees are very pleasant. Kept me updated with my repairs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

– Steve H.

My repair of my Pioneer SX 626 receiver from Mort’s works great. I appreciate their expertise in diagnosing and repairing this 1974 classic. Thanks Mort’s. Great job!

– Howard P.

Thanks to Neil and his team, I’m able to listen to my vinyl again. These guys are awesome in restoration of vintage stereo equipment. They make things right! Great customer service!

Walter S.

The people at Mort’s TV and Video are absolutely awesome! This is one of the few truly competent and friendly repair places of its kind left. Honest family owned business that still does exceptional work at reasonable prices. Personal and professional service from a family that I hope remains in business for a long time. Truly a gem of a company!

– Thom C.

Dropped off a vintage receiver and turntable to be refurbished and repaired. Both pieces work good as new and look beautiful. Neil took the time to walk me through the fixes and answer questions, very helpful and courteous. Would recommend Mort’s to anyone.

– Nicholas S.

Great local place for anything audio or video. I mean anything. Check here before you go to eBay!

– Ron B.

Bought a very nice vintage Pioneer receiver. Friendly owners hooked it up and showed it working, gave good advice. Non-pretentious, high-quality place.

– Michael C.

Great customer service and satisfaction.

– Stephanie S.

I brought in a complete mid-70s vintage system and it was returned sounding better than new. There were some challenges in getting the speakers in working order, but they kept me informed at every step. Definitely still providing good old fashioned customer service and excellent quality work.

– Jeff C.

Talked to Neil at Mort’s about a Cambridge Soundworks radio that suffered a power surge. I was surprised that they were able to repair it, and at a reasonable price too.

– Paul Z.

Super cool people. Friendly and happy to help. An invaluable resource for the electronically inept. Will be back for sure!

– Christopher C.

Great people, you can trust them with your treasures. Especially Neil!

– David P.

Mort’s is experienced, friendly and honest…what more do you need? I utilized their services as far back as 20 years ago, and again just a month ago, and had the same pleasant experience. I highly recommend them for any and all of your repair needs for electronics.

– Kara B.