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The Return of the Turntable: Why Vinyl Has Made a Comeback

In an era dominated by streaming sites and downloads, there has been a new development in audio consumption for true music lovers; the resurgence of the vinyl record. So, it’s no wonder you’re looking into vintage audio for sale in Bristol! It’s become popular all over the world and we think it could even be here to stay as it seems many music fans are set to putting the needle to the record. Vinyl records and record players have made a significant cultural comeback in the last few years; record sales grew by more than 50% in 2014, the highest since 1996! And, the upward curve continues to grow as more and more people opt for more collectible media that can’t be lost in the digital cloud.

vintage audio for sale

Why the comeback? It could be motivated by nostalgia; a tangible, distinctive listening experience unlike that of the digital age. Vinyl records represent a more accurate copy of a master recording than the glossy digital files that the average person has stored on their phones. And, there’s nothing quite like the warmth of the vinyl sound; that crackle that comes when you place that large disc on a record player.

Many people are even bringing back the listening station in their home, complete with turntable/record player, receiver, speakers, amplifiers and a comfortable chair just for listening to their favorite tunes. An LP gives you more than just hitting play on a smart phone; it comes with a certain experience you can’t get anywhere else; from the opening of the sleeve to the drop of the needle.

Vinyl not only sounds different but also has a possessive quality that downloads can’t provide. With vinyl, you not only have the ability to collect and display your favorite albums; you can actually hold them in your hands, admire their cover art and pass them down for generations. You can’t exactly pass down an mp3, can you!

Ready to get started? Whether you’ve been building your vinyl collection for some time or are just getting started, make sure you have the proper equipment! At Mort’s, we sell record players, turntables and everything you need to get your vinyl collection up, running and in listening order.

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Now Selling Vintage Audio!

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our business. We recently bought out another store that was selling used and vintage audio equipment, and we now have all their inventory. We have a large selection of items for sale. Not only can you get your audio equipment fixed at our store, but you can also find equipment to take home with you or replace anything beyond repair.

If you are looking to find vintage audio for sale, check out our selection! Here are some of the items you can find.

Vintage Stereos
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We have the largest selection of vintage audio and used stereo equipment in the area! This includes many name brands like Pioneer, Panasonic, Fisher, Kenwood, Toshiba, Philips, Sony, Yamaha, Optonica and many more!

Vintage Audio for SaleIf you like going back to a simpler time or just have old cassette tapes or records sitting around that need to be played, we may have just what you need to put them back into use. Come browse the selection at our store to find used stereo equipment for your home.

We are excited for this expansion of our business. We know many people love and enjoy their vintage audio equipment, and we want to provide even more opportunities for these classic items to stay in use. So whether you already have vintage audio that you use regularly, have been collecting these items for years or would like to start a collection, you can find a great selection to choose from in our store.

As always, if you have vintage audio in need or repair, you can bring that to us! Our certified technicians do all repairs on site. We have more than 50 years of experience repairing audio equipment.

To learn more about the used and vintage audio for sale at our store, stop in at 4532 New Falls Road in Levittown, PA. You can also give us a call at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us for more information.

One Turntable and a Needle Elicits Vintage Audio Repair

A vintage turntable can be looked upon as a collector’s item. The last few years within the music industry have seen a lot of trends relating to the old being brought back in a new form, vinyl fitting into this. As such, record players have become a hot commodity again.

If you are looking into buying a vintage turntable, Mort’s TV & Video would like to share some vintage audio repair expertise to Bristol area residents and denizens of all points in and around greater Philadelphia. If you buy one and discover it needs some work, you can bring that turntable to us. We can take care of any and all vintage audio repair needs for you.

A record player can play 78s (records that are played at 78 RPMs), these coming before the year 1940. 78s are often the home of rare, old audio. Certain albums of the classical, blues, jazz varieties can only be found in this format, so if this is an area of interest for you, having a local vintage audio repair specialist handy is all but a requirement.

Usually, older turntables are made of aluminum, plastic or steel—plastic being the obvious cheapest option. These types of record players enjoyed their greatest popularity on the market in the 1980s, operating via weak powered motors. They often have no mats. You may also find that the plastic plinth and the plastic arms do not encounter efficient counterweight. Turntables were once made of steel because they were cheap to make—this at the expense of quality—resulting in inconsistent motor speeds. The lack of stability becomes very pronounced once a record is listened to. Aluminum record players were more expensive to consumers but offered great sound quality. They were topped in rubber which aided in the effort to decrease friction and noise. Ball bearings or roller bearings were put to use in the spindle, also aiding in noise reduction.

The drive that moves the turntable is of particular note when seeking out this type of vintage audio equipment. A belt drive system uses a less expensive motor than an idler-wheel drive system, but it still absorbs a lot of the vibrations and motor noise. An idler-wheel drive system was the most common type until the 1970s—a rubberized drive system that wore down and decomposed as time passed. A direct drive system is the variety one tends to see in DJs turntables (not home or common audio turntables). Direct drives cause the motors to vibrate, which, obviously, tends towards causing the entire record to vibrate. When you buy a vintage turntable, maintenance is the key. Finding a reputable and trustworthy vintage audio repair shop is your first step.

So when you need vintage audio repair for your Bristol area equipment, call or visit Mort’s TV & Video. Call us at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us to learn more about vintage audio repair.


Get That Old Audio Equipment Running Like New

Do you have old stereo equipment that you would like to bring back to life? Why not bring your old technology into Mort’s for an audio repair in Philadelphia? Maybe you have on old record player/turntable in need of a specific needle or a drive belt? We have a few a few ideas to get that stuff working right and proper. The following is a list of the main component parts that assemble to form a stereo as well as the purposes they serve.


A standard receiver tends to carry three or four different components. A tuner allows you to listen to your radio, tuning into different stations. A pre-amplifier moves the signal from other components, allowing you to choose from them, adjust the volume and will amplify sound from the unit. Your system also has a power amplifier, which accepts the signal from the pre-amplifier, making the signal that actually creates the functionality of the speakers.

Record Player

A vintage audio boom has been underway for some time now—people who prefer turntables and vinyl. The thought process is that vinyl makes for the truest sound for music playback. Record players and records are as popular as ever they have been. Common problems due pop up with record players like timing (slow turn), no turn, off-pitch playback and needle skipping off of the record. Bring it into us, we will give it a look and get it up and running for you.


Speakers convert the electrical signal coming from the amplifier into acoustic energy. Use a variety of speakers when assembling your stereo system. It depends on the individual set of ears, as far as what is preferred—your preferred speaker is up to you and you alone. Perhaps you like bass and seek out a speaker oriented for such. Avoid high-end speakers because they are not designed for bass output.


Some people keep it simple, standard radio being their preferred listening mode. If that is your thing, invest in a good tuner. Good ones are out there and available as used products. If cost is not an issue, ample fancy, high-end tuners are still being made today.

These are just a few parts of a good stereo system. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are plenty of other components that can go into a good stereo system.

Are you interested in learning more about audio repair in Philadelphia? Call Mort’s TV & Video at 215-945-8381, or you can Contact Us.

Common LCD Issues Calling for TV Repair

The LCD TV repair is the most common type of requested repair in the TV world these days. Before attempting to conduct any repairs, make sure your television is no longer under warranty and that it has been removed from power supply. Should any of the following repair tips seem insurmountable, call Mort’s TV & Video for advice or TV repair info, sending a summary of your LCD TV symptoms to one of our techs.

LCD misbehaviors that warrant TV Repair:

Broken Screen-

Your best bet may be to recycle the TV. A repair may be a little costly in comparison to scoring a new television. If your screen is just in something of a bad way, go with the old stand-by of unplugging it for a minute or so—this action forcing the main processor chip to reset and frequently solves the problem. Should this approach not solve the problem, go the alternate outlet route, it may just be that it is the outlet that is at fault and not the TV.

Lines on Screen-

Are lines, dots or darkness hovering on any portion of your screen? Try to give the unit some love taps—softly working your way around the screen’s frame (DO NOT DO THIS TO THE SCREEN ITSELF!) in hopes of this solving the problem. The condition may worsen which illustrates the likelihood of a damaged connection within the display itself –this could be that cables from the circuit board are plugged in incorrectly, unplugged altogether or are bent. Save yourself some time and either buy a new TV or take to a shop for a TV repair.

Popping Noises-

If your LCD TV just went off on its own, did you hear a distinct pop or series of popping noises? If so, once plugged back in and powered on, is there a blinking light (standby or power)? These symptoms can be indicative of power issues such as none, intermittent power, distorted display, even no picture and sound or just or sound with no picture. These problems tend to be related to loose cabling and/or a faulty board.

Dead Set/Power Issues-

This condition appears to be no power because there are no LED lights and no reaction from pressing the power (or any other) button. “Dead set” status should only be determined as a possible cause if you have already tried to plug the TV into an alternate working power outlet. Should this not solve your problem, unplug the TV, removing the back cover. You will want to check the fuse on the power supply board, using an OHM meter and/or continuity tester. Power surges often cause fuses to blow—similar to what unfolds in your car. Go anywhere that fuses are sold, find the corresponding type and replace it. If you get the TV back to proper functionality but the fuse blows again, this points to a likely problem with power supply. A TV repair will be your best bet.

If you’d like more information on TV repair near Bristol, call Mort’s TV & Video at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us.