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Cracked Screen? Why This Little Repair is So Essential

It happens to everyone. You go to take out your phone only to watch it slip your fingers and–crack! Your iPhone’s screen has a huge crack across the front of it. Sometimes it’s possible to still make a few calls or check a few emails; but for the most part, a cracked screen renders the… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronics Repair

One of our many specialties here at Mort’s TV & Video is electronics repair. Bensalem residents know they can bring their electronics to us for quick repair work at reasonable prices. For those who have not brought their electronics to us for repair work, you might have a few questions about us and our services…. Read more »

Repairing Scary Electronics

Do you have a frightful TV, iPhone or other piece of electronic equipment just sitting around collecting cobwebs? Our team of iPhone and TV repair experts can work on repairing your products to get them working again. There’s no excuse for a dreadful piece of equipment sitting around. Have it repaired and enjoy it as… Read more »