Why are we still called Mort’s TV & Video?

Mort’s TV & Video, Inc. is our official name and has been since 1956. Over the years the business has evolved from fixing televisions and audio/video equipment to mainly working on vintage audio equipment, which has seen a resurgence in recent years. Now, vintage audio has become the main staple of our business.

With the increased popularity of vintage audio equipment and the decline in repair services for this type of equipment, Mort’s TV has found a niche. We have a high demand for our repair services, not just locally but also nationwide.

So, why haven’t we updated our name to better reflect our services? Nostalgia!!

Mort's TV & Video in Levittown PA

Mort Leipziger started the business in 1956 as a one-man shop. His sons, Neil and Michael, were raised in the business, which has been family-owned since the beginning and still is today. To honor our father, we just don’t feel right changing the name.

We are known in the Levittown community, and many people simply refer to us as Mort’s or Mort’s TV. It’s true that our reach has expanded due to the Internet. We now sell equipment on eBay and take in shipments for repair work. Times have changed and our business has evolved in many ways, but we are still carrying on Mort’s legacy by offering quality repair work. We pride ourselves on being honest and loyal to all our customers, whether local or across the nation.

So, we will remain Mort’s TV & Video for the foreseeable future. We still repair TVs in addition to all types of vintage audio equipment in our shop. Our technicians are ISCET certified, and we never send work to a third party. Although the equipment we repair has changed over the years, our core values and quality of work have not.

If you need a television, turntable, vintage receiver or other type of audio equipment repaired, come see us! We also buy and sell used audio equipment. Call us at 215-945-8381 or contact us with any questions.