Sony Repairs

Is your Sony TV in need of repairs? Call Mort’s TV & Video! We are well-versed in Sony repairs, and we can repair all makes and models of Sony TVs and just about any Sony TV problem you might be having. We have been a family-owned business since 1956, so we have plenty of experience with even the most complex TV repairs. Our technicians are ISCET-certified. The technicians can come right to your home and fix your TV right there. Or you can receive a free estimate on carry-in LCD TVs that are 42 ̎ and below.

Common TV Repairs

Some of the most common TV repairs we make are: TV does not turn on or display an image, speakers are malfunctioning, the TV doesn’t get any signal, the color is blotchy (especially around the edges), the picture is snowy or blurry, the TV shuts off at random times, the remote control is not working properly, the TV overheats, the picture freezes or is pixilated or the TV speakers emit static noise or other weird noises.

Our experienced technicians know how to fix these problems and more. We specialize in large-screen TVs, projectors, plasma TVs, LCD TVs and DLP TVs. Mort’s TV & Video is also a Sony Platinum Authorized Service Center.

Does Your TV Need Repairs?

Call Mort’s TV & Video at (215) 945-8381 or contact us online to schedule an appointment, to get more information about Sony TV repairs or to get more information about the other repair services we provide. We also repair all other major TV brands like RCA, Zenith, Fisher, Mitsubishi, Sharp and many more!