Common Record Player Problems

If you just bought a record player from a garage sale or flea market, you might be excited to start listening to your favorite tunes as soon as possible. But if you notice that the record player is not playing properly, there are a few things you can check on your own. And if these suggestions do not work, bring it to us. One of our specialties is vintage audio repair near Allentown, and we can help get your record player back in good working order.

Is the unit clean?

Before you even try to use it, make sure your new record player is clean, especially if you bought it second-hand. Make sure the turntable does not have any dust on it, and go over the audio equipment with a soft anti-static cloth. If the stylus (needle) is dirty, you can use a stylus-cleaning brush on it. These brushes are usually sold at record stores. But if you do not have a stylus brush, you can use a soft paintbrush instead. And you can use rubbing alcohol on the surfaces of the record player for a more thorough cleaning.

How old is the needle?

When it comes to vintage audio repair for record players, one of the most frequent ones that we do is replacing the stylus. You can bring your record player to our shop, and our vintage audio repair professionals can fix this problem for you by replacing the needle.

How is the power source?

Another common type of record player repair is fixing the power source. A broken power source can be caused by a few things, like broken circuits or snapped wires. Our vintage audio repair experts can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair this issue so you can start listening to your records as soon as possible!

How is the belt?

A record player belt can get worn down over time. And the belt is what turns the turn table. So if the belt is broken or worn down, the table will not turn properly. Replacing the belt should fix this problem, so bring it to our vintage audio repair experts for assistance.

No matter what kind of problem you are having with your record player, you can bring it to the vintage audio repair experts here at Mort’s TV & Video.

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