Most Common Vintage Audio Repairs

Audiophiles love their setups. And when it’s not working, they’ll do whatever is necessary to get it working right.

For many, that means finding someone – like Mort’s TV & Repair – who specializes in vintage audio repairs. We love to repair vintage audio equipment, but there are some devices we repair more frequently than others. Here are the most common pieces of vintage audio equipment we repair:


The turntable is, in many ways, the heart of any setup. And when it doesn’t work, the system just seems to fall apart. We’ve repaired non-working arms, turntables that won’t turn on, sound output issues and more.


Classic tube amplifiers offer a sound and experience modern systems just don’t have. We’ve replaced vacuum tubes; fixed input and output issues; problems with the unit operating; and more. Tube amplifiers are beloved by those who own them, and should be always be working at their absolute best. And we can make sure that’s the case.


No system will work right without a receiver. We’ve fixed vintage receivers that have suffered from a number of different problems, including input/output issues, problems turning on or off, and many more.

Don’t let your vintage audio system continue to break down; let Mort’s TV & Audio of Levittown repair the problem. Give us a call now at 215-945-8381 or Fill Out Our Contact Form.