Vintage Audio Repair

We, at Mort’s TV and Video, know how much you love your vintage audio equipment. We know it would be a shame to have to throw it away because it wasn’t operating properly. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that possibility anymore. We have experienced vintage audio repair technicians happy to help you repair your equipment. If you have vintage audio equipment that has sat around for years in a state of disrepair, now is the time to have it repaired.

Vintage amplifiers have often lived a hard life. The more loved they were, the more they were used. This means the amplifier may not sound quite the way is used to. Our skilled vintage audio repair technicians are able to fix most problems you are experiencing with your vintage amplifier. Amplifiers utilize a lot of power to perform at maximum efficiently, thus creating more heat. This heat tends to degrade the amplifier over time. It may not be necessary to perform extreme maintenance on your equipment, so have it checked out today.

Nothing sounds quite like a vintage turntable playing tunes. It would be a shame to get rid of it if it hasn’t been working. Instead, let our vintage audio repair experts look at your turntables. If your turntables are turning slowly, or not at all, we can try to fix it. The professionals at Mort’s TV and Audio are experienced in this type of repair and are happy to bring your vintage turntables back to life.

Some vintage speakers can still outperform the speakers created today. There is no need to buy new ones, when you can just get your speakers repaired. We are able to refoam, recone and generally improve the conditions of your speakers. If you need a vintage audio repair completed on your speakers, we can help. If your speakers just don’t sound the way they used to, then we can help you repair them to their optimum performance level.

If you need your vintage audio equipment repaired, call us today at 215-945-8381.