Tablet Repair in Newtown

Your tablet has taken quite a beating. You use it to keep watch of your fantasy teams, your gambling habits in general. You read your books on it. It is supposed to be the device by which you find your next lifemate. You control your entertainment on it. Your movies, your music—all of it, stored therein—and you forgot to back it all up on your external hard drive, or even in the cloud. You have spilled coffee on it nine times.

You dropped it in the realms of the countless on your carpeted, cement and linoleum surfaces. It has endured despite the rigors you have doled out on it, the worst that you have been able to unleash. It is your outlet to the larger world. You shelled out several hundred bucks on the thing and now it does not respond to your whimsical touch. Don’t give up on it.

Newtown residents, take your device to Mort’s for tablet repair, where most any electronic doodad or whatnot can be rescued from its seeming demise, at a reasonable cost.

Celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2016, Mort’s has moved with the times and technological trends to provide family-based service—all by word of mouth—to the electronics of greater Newtown. Mort’s technicians have the most relevant certifications and can handle your most hardcore tablet repair.

If you’d like more information on tablet repair near Newtown, call Mort’s TV & Video at 215-945-8381 or Contact Us.