How to Avoid Cracking Your iPhone Screen

mort's tv and video iphone repair newtownMillions of people own an iPhone. It’s one of the most popular brands of smartphones on the market today. Like any other device, sometimes accidents happen and your iPhone can break. One of the most common parts of an iPhone that can break or shatter is the screen. You can always bring your phone to us since we specialize in iPhone repair near Newtown, but we thought we would share some tips on how to help prevent your screen from cracking.

There are plenty of screen protectors out on the market today that are made out of a few different types of materials. One of the most popular materials is tempered glass. While it might seem odd to protect a glass screen with another layer of glass, this type of screen protector is actually quite effective.

If you drop your phone, the tempered glass screen protector could shatter, but it could also keep your iPhone’s actual screen from cracking or breaking. A screen protector could help you avoid iPhone repair if put onto your phone properly. Putting a tempered glass screen protector on your phone is a pretty easy process, and it should not affect the sharpness of your phone’s screen either.

You can also find iPhone protectors that go all the way around the back of your phone. Some of these protectors are made out of textured rubber, so if you place your iPhone on a smooth sloped surface, it is less likely to slide off and fall on the ground.

If you are lucky enough to be able to make contact with your iPhone as it is falling, try to hit it in mid-air so it lands on its base. Try to prevent it from falling onto the screen or onto the front of the phone. If your phone falls on its base, it is less likely to result in a cracked screen and you are less likely to need iPhone repair work done.

Finally, use common sense with your iPhone. Don’t put it anywhere that it is likely to fall off of. Don’t use it when your hands are wet or greasy. Keep it stored somewhere safe, like your pocket or your purse.

But if your iPhone falls and the screen cracks, you can always bring it to us for iPhone repair. We don’t send phones out to a third party for repairs, and we can usually have your phone fixed in just a few hours. We are also less expensive than sending it to the manufacturer for iPhone repair.

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