Common Laptop and iPhone and iPad Repairs

When it comes to laptop repairs in Philadelphia and iPhone and iPad repair in Levittown, Mort’s TV & Video has learned a thing or two over the years. We have seen a lot of laptops, iPhones and iPads that need a little TLC come through out doors. We’re going to give a rundown of the most common laptop repairs we’ve done over the past decade or so and the most common iPhone and iPad repair work we’ve done in recent years.


A lot of the time, we get people coming in for laptop repairs when their laptop screen breaks. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to someone who uses their laptop on a regular basis! A broken screen means that even if the rest of the laptop works just fine, you still can’t use it because you can’t see anything on the screen. This is usually a simple fix that involves getting a replacement screen and making sure the replacement screen fits properly and is correctly fixed. We do offer same-day repair service, so you could have your beloved laptop back in a matter of hours, not days!

Sometimes, people bring in their laptops for laptop repairs because the laptop isn’t turning on at all. Some of the possible culprits are a bad AC adaptor (which just means we need to get a new one for the laptop and then it should run just fine) or a bad DC jack. The fix for a bad DC jack is the same as for a bad AC adaptor.

iPhones and iPads

When your bring in your iPhone or iPad in for repair, the main problem is also usually a broken screen. Again, this is a frustrating thing to have happen to your beloved phone or tablet, but never fear! This is usually a quick fix when it’s done by one of our experienced and professional repair technicians. The best part about trusting professionals like us is that we do not limit how many times you can come to us for iPhone and iPad repair. Apple usually limits you to two times, but we won’t do that to you!

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