Vintage Audio Repair Doylestown

While vintage has been making a comeback in clothes, it’s remained popular for audio too. There’s something about vintage audio that newer technology just can’t quite compete with for many. However, because it’s vintage, it means that your vintage audio breaking is more devastating than newer technology. Finding someone to perform vintage audio repair for Doylestown can be tough – until you learn about Mort’s TV & Video!

As the trusted name in vintage audio repair in the area, we understand how heartbreaking it can be when your treasured vintage audio isn’t working as it should. That’s why we perform all of our repairs in house. Our trained experts can offer a large variety of vintage audio repairs, including:

Vintage audio repair Doylestown
  • Issues with the audio output
  • Repairs for a unit that will not turn on
  • Repairs for lights that will turn on, but audio will not work
  • Volume adjustments
  • Turntable speed repair
  • Pitch repair
  • Fixing a turntable’s needle that migrates off the record
  • Tube replacement
  • CD player repair
  • Tape deck repair
  • And much more

Can’t make it into our store to drop off your vintage audio for repairs? Don’t worry! We can still help repair your prized possession. Just ship your vintage audio equipment to us and we will ship it back to you in working condition!

No matter how big the issue your vintage audio equipment is experiencing, the experts at Mort’s TV & Video can help. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

Why Come to Mort’s TV & Video for Vintage Audio Repair?

Since 1956, Mort’s TV & Video has been a family-owned business specializing in vintage audio equipment and more. We have been helping audiophiles buy, sell and repair their vintage audio equipment for decades, so we have the experience necessary to help you with your vintage audio repairs!

Our priority is providing the best service we can to our customers, at reasonable prices. When it comes to vintage audio equipment, Mort’s TV & Video is the place to call! We buy, sell and repair all sorts of vintage audio equipment and can help you get back to enjoying music your way.

Our technicians are ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians) certified, and we work with all brands of stereo equipment.

Give us a call today to stop by our shop for your vintage audio repair!

Learn More About Vintage Audio Repair

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help with vintage audio repair in the Doylestown area? Call Mort’s TV & Video today at 215-945-8381 or contact us!