The Return of the Turntable: Why Vinyl Has Made a Comeback

In an era dominated by streaming sites and downloads, there has been a new development in audio consumption for true music lovers; the resurgence of the vinyl record. So, it’s no wonder you’re looking into vintage audio for sale in Bristol! It’s become popular all over the world and we think it could even be here to stay as it seems many music fans are set to putting the needle to the record. Vinyl records and record players have made a significant cultural comeback in the last few years; record sales grew by more than 50% in 2014, the highest since 1996! And, the upward curve continues to grow as more and more people opt for more collectible media that can’t be lost in the digital cloud.

vintage audio for sale

Why the comeback? It could be motivated by nostalgia; a tangible, distinctive listening experience unlike that of the digital age. Vinyl records represent a more accurate copy of a master recording than the glossy digital files that the average person has stored on their phones. And, there’s nothing quite like the warmth of the vinyl sound; that crackle that comes when you place that large disc on a record player.

Many people are even bringing back the listening station in their home, complete with turntable/record player, receiver, speakers, amplifiers and a comfortable chair just for listening to their favorite tunes. An LP gives you more than just hitting play on a smart phone; it comes with a certain experience you can’t get anywhere else; from the opening of the sleeve to the drop of the needle.

Vinyl not only sounds different but also has a possessive quality that downloads can’t provide. With vinyl, you not only have the ability to collect and display your favorite albums; you can actually hold them in your hands, admire their cover art and pass them down for generations. You can’t exactly pass down an mp3, can you!

Ready to get started? Whether you’ve been building your vinyl collection for some time or are just getting started, make sure you have the proper equipment! At Mort’s, we sell record players, turntables and everything you need to get your vinyl collection up, running and in listening order.

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