The Big Comeback of Vinyl & Classic Audio Equipment

Vinyl is back! Recent years have seen a huge comeback in analog sound including vintage vinyl, turntables, receivers and speakers. Both young and older music lovers alike are finding or rediscovering vinyl and vintage audio equipment along with it. Typically, solid-metal constructed, wood-framed electronics are also making a comeback, offering authentic ways to listen to the music loved by generations. These vintage audio systems look and sound different from today’s digital machines and they also require a different level of care and maintenance. At Mort’s TV & Video we offer vintage audio for sale in Wilmington DE and the entire Tri-State area, specializing in both vintage audio repair and vintage audio equipment for sale. As both experts in and lovers of vintage audio, we would like to tell you more about it, why it’s seeing such a huge comeback and how to purchase and/or care for vintage audio equipment. 

vintage audio for sale Wilmington

First of all, we understand there’s nothing quite like the warmth of the vinyl sound; that crackle that comes when you place that large disc on a record player. Vinyl not only sounds different but also has a possessive quality that downloads can’t provide. With vinyl, you now have the ability to collect and display your favorite albums; making it hugely popular these days.

With this resurgence of vinyl listeners, many people are bringing back the listening station in their home, complete with turntable/record player, receiver, speakers, amplifiers and a comfortable chair just for listening to their favorite tunes. Vintage audio for sale has seen a huge rise in popularity as listeners are seeking out the audio systems their vintage records were intended to be played upon. And, after more than a decade of increasing American sales, vinyl’s comeback is no longer a niche novelty; it appears this comeback is here to stay. 

Need a vintage turntable refurbished or repaired? Have an old set of speakers that need some work? Vintage audio experts like those at Mort’s are here to help! We even have vintage audio for sale to meet the needs of your growing record collection.

Whether you’ve been building your vinyl collection for some time or are just getting started, make sure you have the proper equipment to play it on. Come see all of our vintage audio for sale, a short drive from Wilmington DE at Mort’s TV & Video in Levittown PA. Shop online or call to get info on what they have at 215-945-8381. Contact Us today!