Thanksgiving Day & Your Broken TV

Thanksgiving Day is practically upon us! In less than two weeks we’ll be traveling, hosting and spending time with those we love the most. If your television set isn’t working, now is the time to have it repaired! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, it will be especially important to have a working TV. Many of your guests will probably expect to catch the big game or have a way to entertain the kids. Have your television set repaired today in Bucks County.

Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast

While you are making last-minute food preparations for your Thanksgiving Day feast, you can catch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. Who would want to miss the floats, bands, dancers and more? With a working television set, you’ll be able to catch every moment of the festivities. You will get to watch and listen along to all the commentary.

Feast Time!

For the holiday meal time, you probably won’t need the television. You can spend the time conversing with family and loved ones. Be sure to take a moment during the meal to give thanks for all the good things in your life.

After the Meal

After the meal is when it’s most important to have a working television set. There are plenty of football games to go around, as well as holiday programming. For some families, it’s a tradition to gather around and watch television after Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s a way for families to come together and for sports rivalries to be hashed out. Don’t disappoint anyone: have your television repaired before your relatives start to arrive.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from everyone at Mort’s TV & Video. Enjoy your time with family, friends and turkey!

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