Plasma TV Repair in Bensalem PA

The Walking Dead, Dancing With the Stars, NCIS, The X Factor, How I Met Your Mother and Glee. There’s something every night of the week and next week’s episode promises to be better than the last. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows because of a broken TV! If your plasma TV is not functioning properly, you may be looking to get it repaired. Mort’s TV & Video, Inc. specializes in LCD, Plasma, DLP and standard television repair. So, we recommend you let us take a look at it. In some rare cases, though, it will be more appropriate to replace the unit. Have our skilled team of local Bensalem TV repair experts look at it before you haul it to the dump..

What is a Plasma TV?

You probably look at the plasma TV on your wall every day, but do you know how it works? Plasma TVs utilize miniscule tubes, in groups, to hold the gases necessary to make up the pixels. These pixels are held together between two plates. When the television is turned on, the plates are electrified, causing the plasma to glow. You can see the same type of activity in a neon sign. The rest of the process is similar to any other TV. Information is carried to your television throughout your cable, antenna or satellite dish connection. This information is then interpreted by your TV set and displayed as pictures. Plasma TVs are known for their incredibly sharp picture quality.


If your plasma TV isn’t working quite like it used to, it could be due to a number of reasons. It is possible that your television set can be repaired, so let our team of Bensalem TV repair technicians look at it. With all the technology involved with a plasma TV, DIY home repairs are rarely successful. It takes a trained technician to really resolve your plasma TV woes.

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