Hiring a Professional for Your Audio Repair Needs

Whether you’re an enthusiast or just enjoy the clean sound of your high-quality audio equipment, it is always important to hire the professionals for all of your audio repair needs. Ensure the music keeps on flowing and only trust your beloved vintage or new stereo equipment to expert, seasoned hands. DIY or repair done by the inexperienced can go terribly wrong (especially when it comes to vintage equipment). So, if you find there’s an issue with your audio equipment, bring it into Mort’s for expert care. We are the trusted name in audio repair for Newtown and the surrounding areas.

Maybe your equipment won’t turn on, the pitch is off, or your old record player requires a specific needle or a drive belt. Whatever you need, Mort’s can help! And, as experts in the industry, we want to look out for audio equipment everywhere! So, we have a few suggestions for you on how to make sure you are taking your audio equipment to a reputable shop.

audio repair

Do they work on what you’ve got?
Not all audio equipment is the same. So make sure the audio repair shop you choose can fix the particular piece you have. Not all audio repair shops work on all brands like we do here at Mort’s TV & Video.

How long have they been in the industry?
Experience usually equals quality, especially when it comes to detailed work like audio repair. At Mort’s we’ve been in the audio repair industry for more than 50 years. We are also certified by the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET).

Are they certified?
Make sure that the audio repair professionals are certified. For example, at Mort’s, we’re not just ISCET certified. We are also certified Media Systems Technicians, Certified Service Managers and Certified Customer Service Representatives.

What is their reputation like?
Do some research and go online and read some reviews. Yelp is a great source for reviews, as is Google. Mort’s TV & Video has some great reviews on those two sites.

Do they know what they’re talking about?
Come down and talk to us here at Mort’s TV & Video to learn more about our audio repair services and how we can help. We can give you an estimate of how much the repair work will cost after you give us a rundown of what’s wrong with your audio equipment. All of our work is done by us, and we do not ship your audio equipment to a third party for any repairs.

No matter your audio repair needs, trust the experts at Mort’s TV & Video. Contact Us or give us a call today at (215) 945-8381 to learn more about our audio repair for Newtown and the surrounding areas.