Troubleshooting and Vacuum Repair

You never know just how important your vacuum is until it stops working. And it always seems to stop working at the most inopportune times, like right as you’re cleaning before guests arrive or before you have a big get-together at your home. So when your vacuum is on the fritz and you need vacuum repair near Doylestown, you should bring it to us for assistance. In the meantime, here is a rundown of the most common types of vacuum repair that we do.

Brush Roll Will Not Spin

Often, people will bring their vacuums to us for repairs thinking that there is something wrong with the brush roll since it will not spin anymore. Generally speaking, the reason this happens is because hair and other debris will get wrapped around the roll and the bearings on the side and keep it from being able to spin properly. Sometimes, the hair and debris will even get into the power brush assembly. Usually all we have to do to fix this problem is remove the hair and debris from the brush roll and anywhere else that it is wrapped around. Then we will hit the reset button and the vacuum should work properly again like usual.

Shuts Off During Use

This type of vacuum repair usually involves pressing the reset button on the vacuum. A vacuum that shuts off while it is being used generally means that the overload has been tripped by the vacuum suction motor. However, sometimes even hitting the reset button doesn’t work, in which case we might look into replacing the motor.

Also, before you bring your vacuum to us for vacuum repair, make sure that you are not accidentally tripping the outlet that your vacuum is plugged into. Check the circuit breaker to make sure you didn’t accidentally trip it and be sure you did not blow a fuse.

Not Suctioning Well or At All

While this is one of the more frustrating problems that can occur with a vacuum cleaner, this is sometimes the easiest type of vacuum repair to do! We will check for a clog in the hose or the internal air path if need be. But before you bring your vacuum to us, make sure that the bag is not full. If it is, empty and/or replace it. If you are still having suctioning problems even after you do that, bring it to us for further vacuum repair.

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