Levittown iPhone Repair

It’s with you most of the day. It overhears a lot of your personal conversations. It provides you with the power of the Internet, right at your fingertips. It’s more like a friend than a little piece of technology. We’re talking, of course, about your iPhone!

At Mort’s TV & Video, we know how vital your iPhone can be to your everyday life. Some keep appointments on it and even complete work using it. When your iPhone isn’t working properly, your day can grind to a halt. If you live in Levittown, iPhone repair is just a stone’s throw away.

iPhone Screen Repair

How many times have you pulled your iPhone out of your purse or pocket to have it slip out of your hands? Your heart beats fast as you fumble to save it. Sometimes you make the catch of the day, but you may not be so lucky other times. Without a screen in working order, you will have basically no functionality on your iPhone. If your screen breaks, don’t worry; our team of Levittown iPhone repair technicians can replace it.

iPhone Power Button Repair

Has your iPhone power button recessed into your phone, never to be seen again? It’s kind of hard to turn your phone on and off without a functioning power button! Never fear; we have skilled iPhone repair technicians prepared to skillfully retrieve and mend your power button. If you think your power button is stuck due to your brute strength, you may be disappointed. iPhones are notorious for this problem and can be fixed in a jiff!

Have our team of Levittown iPhone repair technicians look at your phone today by calling 215-945-8381 or stopping by our location at 4532 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA. We’d love to see you.