iPhone Repair Newtown

iPhone Repair NewtownIn this day and age, people rely on their smartphone for more than just taking calls or getting text messages. A smartphone, like an iPhone, is also used to check email, schedule appointments, surf the Web, listen to music, watch movies and so much more. So when your iPhone’s screen gets cracked or damaged, you want to make sure it’s fixed as quickly as possible by people who know what they are doing. The experts here at Mort’s TV & Video offer iPhone repair near Newtown, and we can fix your iPhone screen in no time! That way, you will not have to be without your smartphone for long.

Call us to learn more or just bring your iPhone by our shop. All of our repair work is done in house, and we never use third party repair services. You can rest easy knowing you will get straightforward iPhone repair at a fair and reasonable price.

After all, we know you don’t want to be without your phone for long since it is probably your main way to stay in contact with other people and the outside world. Our iPhone repair services are efficient but thorough and fixing your cracked iPhone screen usually will only take a few hours tops. We are proud we can offer our customers same-day iPhone repair services.

We can fix every model of iPhone that is on the market, including the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Come by our shop, bring your broken iPhone and we can get it fixed in no time!

Professional iPhone Repair

Our technicians have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to iPhone repair. We have helped countless people like you with cracked iPhone screens. Don’t waste time or money sending your phone back to the manufacturer. Bring your iPhone to us and we can fix it for you in just a few hours. You will not have to spend money on postage or worrying about when you will get your phone back or if it will be damaged during the shipping process.

At Mort’s TV & Video, our technicians are ISCET certified. They all know the best ways to repair cracked screens, and you will never have to worry that the work is not done properly.

Open since 1956, we keep up to date and current on all of the latest trends and technology. We want to be sure we offer our customers the best repair services possible.

iPhone Repair and More

Do you need iPhone repair near Newtown? Call Mort’s TV & Video at 215-945-8381 or you can Contact Us.